Mar 8, 2010

Barbeque Chicken

Truly one of the easiest recipes that I use on a regular basis. You can eat these as whole pieces, or shred them up for barbeque chicken sandwiches. I make extra and we have barbeque chicken sandwiches for lunch the next day, or day after.

Cook time 8 hours Yield 6 servings
6-10 Boneless skinless chicken breasts,frozen or thawed
2-3 bottles of your favorite barbeque sauce

In your crock pot put a layer of barbeque sauce, then layer chicken, sauce, chicken, sauce until you've got everything in. Cook on high 8 hours if frozen, low 8 hours if not. You can also cook this on high 4 hours if your chicken has been thawed before hand. If you want to puncture your chicken it is slightly less moist, but it absorbs more of the barbeque flavor. I also salt and pepper mine about half the time depending on my mood and how much I feel like doing. :D

Barbeque Chicken

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