Dec 20, 2009

Updated Nail Polish Storage

Treatments, top and base coats, nail art supplies
OPI's Whites thru greens
OPI's Blues thru blacks
China Glaze, LDL, Victoria Jackson
Orly, Sinful, CND, Pro 10, LA Girl
FingerPaints, Petites, EZ Flow, Revlon
Essie, Zoya
Sally Hansen... wish they weren't too tall for the drawers...
Goldie, NYX, NYC, Other random brands
Wet and Wild, Black Radiance, Jessie's Girl, NYC, other Drugstore Brands
Color Club

Dec 14, 2009

Wintery Blue Eyes


Zoya Trixie

Zoya TrixieZoya TrixieZoya Trixie

Chelsea Psycho Green

Chelsea Psycho Green small

OPI Color of the Zentury

NYX Las Vegas


OPI Sonic Bloom

Sonic BloomSonic BloomSonic BloomSonic Bloom



And then I revamped it with Essie Matte About You

OPI Ink Matte3OPI Ink Matte2OPI Ink Matte

Blue Glitter Tips

Blue glitter tips

OPI Miami Beet


88 Matte Palette Peach Red Purple

88 Matte Palette Havin fun before work. Brights but still work appropriate.


Goldie Nail Polish

Goldie Babies :D

Holiday Gold and Greens

Messin around with my UD Book of Shadows II. :D


Nov 20, 2009

Kohl's exclusive Flirt! palette

Last year Kohl's came out with an exclusive palette by Flirt cosmetics. I quite enjoy this palette, and thought it was a great idea. Personally I love the idea of a palette that I can have all of the colors I could need in. Kohl's has recently released this years palette. :) YAY! I am really excited to use this. Unfortunately there are less COLORS than last years edition. There are many more browns, ivories, and pinks. It looks to me that this edition is a bit more organized. The blues and greens are all on the same row, the purples are all together, and so on. Last year it was kind of a mash up of all of the colors. I don't know if they did it that way on purpose, but it made it a bit difficult once I got going, I had to stop and search for certain colors, they got a bit lost in the plethora of others. There are one or two similar colors in both palettes but overall it looks like they just revamped and started over. I will post pictures of both versions of this in better light. I'll try and get some comparison pics up later tonight. I still haven't really figured out the lighting situation since the move so hopefully it'll all work out! :) Thanks for visiting!

Nov 9, 2009

UD Book of Shadows II

I recently acquired the new Urban Decay Book of Shadows. I LOVE IT! I wish I had had the funds to get the first installment of this awesome shadow collection. At the time however, it was not to be.

The first thing that I like about this palette is how stinkin' cute the packaging is! It's packaged in a white, almost vinyl feeling material, with metallic purple writing and swirls. The front of the "drawer" is a peacock pattern, as well as inside the lift up lid. Inside the top lid is a mirror, and a "hidey-hole" that contains a small booklet with a few little blurbs written by one of the founding partners of Urban Decay, Wende Zomnir. Throughout this little booklet are pictures of one model done up several different ways using UD cosmetics (this, is all assumption on my part they do not list what products are used).

This palette has 16 shadows, 7 of which are only available in this set. It also comes with two 24/7 liners and a mini (3.7ml) Primer Potion. The liner colors are Zero, which is a true creamy onyx black and Bourbon, which is a brown with gold microglitter.

Let's talk a tiny bit about these liners. If you haven't tried the UD 24/7 liners I would definitely suggest you give them a shot. I know girls that SWEAR by these things. I think they are fabulous, unbelievably creamy with no drag on your lid whatsoever. Many use these on their waterlines, personally they just don't work there unless I use powder eyeshadow over the top. It's definitely worth a shot though! If they don't work on your waterline they will definitely work elsewhere. This is a great value, you get two shades that would be gorgeous on anyone no matter their skin tone, included in this wonderful palette!

I am a HUGE fan of Urban Decay Primer Potion or as many fondly call it UDPP. If you have never used this product, this would be a great way to get started. I'm personally looking at my cost as the $48.00 I spent covers my 16 shadows and everything else is a BONUS!!! :) As I was saying, this is a great way to try this product out, because it is such a small size. If you don't love it, you haven't really wasted your money buying a full blown bottle...right?

And now.... da da da da!!!! On to our shadows!!! As I mentioned there are 16 shadows 7 of which are exclusive to this palette! What an amazing deal. $48.00/16=$3.00. That is THREE DOLLARS a shadow my friends. Now, just to give you some info, you can get UD single shadows which are .05 oz each for $16, the shadows in this palette are .03 oz for $3. No brainer right? Huge difference in price.

The shadows are all gorgeous colors, I'll upload pics with color descriptions when I find my camera. Right now, I'm just going to give you more of an overview. My favorite color so far is.... Sellout. I know, boring beige. I have paired it with the purples, the golds, the gray, and it all works. It is a great inner eye color for me, and for someone with a slightly darker skintone it would be a killer highlight.

Downsides of this palette are.... the drawer can be a bit of a pain to get out. There are a couple of really glittery shadows which tend to get a LOT of fall out. The fallout can be lessened if you use a stickier base, such as a NYX jumbo pencil or a Revlon Creme Shadow, but there will still be a bit of fallout. And.... so far that's it. lol. I will update if I run into any really heinous problems, but I really think that Urban Decay has put out a great product here.

Questions are always welcome! Hope you're having a great night!

Sep 15, 2009

Essie Perky Purple!

Lovin my Essie Perky Purple. It's bright, but not too bright. I get so many compliments when I wear this color. From everyone! Young and old alike. I personally love Essie. They wear wonderfully on me. And their First Base basecoat is my favorite! I use it in conjunction with their Good to Go topcoat. They wear for days on me when used together. :)


Aug 29, 2009

MAC Tempting Quad

I happen to love this quad, it's one of my favorite purchases that I have ever made from MAC. It's got unique but classy colors. :D

I took the lightest color Next to Nothing, a very light frosty beige color, and used it all over my lid and browbone. Then I used Tempting, a sharp lime green, in the crease. I took the darkest color, Dark Edge, which is a true dark brown and used a tiny bit in the outer V. To finish I very lightly took Sharp, an antique goldish bronze, and brushed it lightly on the outer edges of tempting. Blend it all together, add some black liner and mascara and boom! :D Love it. Easy, simple, yet still eye catching.