Nov 20, 2009

Kohl's exclusive Flirt! palette

Last year Kohl's came out with an exclusive palette by Flirt cosmetics. I quite enjoy this palette, and thought it was a great idea. Personally I love the idea of a palette that I can have all of the colors I could need in. Kohl's has recently released this years palette. :) YAY! I am really excited to use this. Unfortunately there are less COLORS than last years edition. There are many more browns, ivories, and pinks. It looks to me that this edition is a bit more organized. The blues and greens are all on the same row, the purples are all together, and so on. Last year it was kind of a mash up of all of the colors. I don't know if they did it that way on purpose, but it made it a bit difficult once I got going, I had to stop and search for certain colors, they got a bit lost in the plethora of others. There are one or two similar colors in both palettes but overall it looks like they just revamped and started over. I will post pictures of both versions of this in better light. I'll try and get some comparison pics up later tonight. I still haven't really figured out the lighting situation since the move so hopefully it'll all work out! :) Thanks for visiting!

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