Jun 10, 2010

Black bean, corn, and salsa chicken

My favorite crock pot recipe ever... :D Chicken, a jar of salsa, can of drained and rinsed black beans, can of drained and rinsed corn, and a brick of cream cheese.

Put your chicken (frozen or not) into the crock pot, cover with a jar of salsa (I like Pace), your beans, and corn. Set to high for 7 hours. At hour 7 turn you crock pot to low and add your cream cheese in chunks. If you have LOTS of liquid in your pot, you can skim some of it off. If it's too liquidy your chicken will be in more of a soup, less of a creamy sauce. Let simmer for another hour. Serve with rice or tortilla chips. Easy right? I know.

Black bean, corn, salsa chicken
Black Bean, corn, salsa chicken